Connecting Players and Pros

MyPro allows students and golf professionals to have an instructional dialogue at any time, from any location via their smart phone.

Using our the My Pro for Pros iPad and Web Application, golf professionals can record and analyze their student's swings and send feedback straight to their smart phone.

Students can also download the My Pro app for iPhone to record their swing and send a video to their golf professional for review.

  • Quality Software Solutions

    My Pro uses today's latest and greatest technology to create software solutions that help teaching professionals engage with their students.

    Our mobile applications for iOS give teaching professionals the power to teach from anywhere without limitations.

    Constantly adding new features to both our mobile and web-based applications, My Pro continues to innovate in the golf teaching industry.

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  • Mobile Applications

    The My Pro platform is broken up into two mobile applications for players and pros.

    The My Pro app for iPhone allows players to record their swing and send the video to their golf pro. Once the video has been reviewed the player will be notified and able to review the feedback.

    The My Pro for Pros app for iPad allows golf pros to review their player's swings, record videos, send instant feedback and manage their students from anywhere. Pros can use similar tools from a desktop by logging into our website.

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  • Cloud Architecture

    The cost of storing, securing and maintaining data about your student's swings can be a costly undertaking. Our applications are built to handle this for the teaching professional with 5 students or 500 students.

    My Pro is built using a cloud based architecture, levering the power of Amazon Web Services that allows My Pro to offer a scalable, cost-effective solution for the tools you need to engage with your students.

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